Friday, August 23, 2013

DFW Pythoneers Meeting August 22, 2013

We had 10 individuals show up at Taco Cabana last night throughout the evening for the Monthly Social meeting. There were some questions about the Scrabble Challenge, so laptops were setup for a short while to poke around some code.

There was some discussion on learning Python on a more intermediate level, so a suggestion was made to utilize Doug Hellmann's Python Module of the Week to learn the standard Python library. It's free and it's good. Plus if you like a dead tree copy, he's compiled the postings into a book.

If we start getting more people to attend, we can move to a nearby restaurant that has a separate meeting room. This would improve communication and space since Taco Cabana can get noisy and packed.

The next Second Saturday Teaching meeting is in three weeks so we need to firm up a location. If you have a facility that can host, let us know. Room for up to 30 or 40 people, WiFi and a projector is what we are looking for. You get the glory of being a sponsor and your HR people can make some connections.

If you want to suggest a space for a additional social or project night in a site other the Frisco, feel free to do so. There's a few people on the west side of the MetroPlex that need some attention. I can travel or continue to host at Gazebo Burger.

If you need a Python programmer for a contract, Ralph's available. Send a email on the mailing list or to me with some contact info.

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