Sunday, August 18, 2013

August DWF Pythoneers Meetings

This weekend a good chunk of the crew are at PyTexas 2013, so let's recap the local events so far.

Last Saturday we had the 2nd Saturday Teaching Meeting at ZeOmega. 22 Pythoneers showed up and we had a great time with presentations, networking, snacks and pizza. I ended up leading the beginners group and covered analyzing words in the word list for the Scrabble Solver Challenge.

Special thanks to ZeOmega for hosting Saturday. Also to Bill for loaner laptop with Mint Linux, it was a lifesaver! If you have some SQL Server reporting skills, ZeOmega is looking for some good analysts.

Thursday night 3 coders should up  at Project Night at Gazebo Burger in Frisco. I continued work on the Scrabble Solver Challenge, putting the word list in a SQLite database and calculated the word score among other functions.

Next Thursday night is Social Meeting at Taco Cabana in Addison. No laptop required, but if you want to talk code or design, feel free.

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