Monday, July 1, 2013

DFW Pythoneers Meeting June 27, 2013

13 Python enthusiasts showed up at the Taco Cabana in Addison for the monthly meeting. There was some confusion about the meeting location and some participants were disappointed with the lack of formality. Overall most of the attendees enjoyed themselves and there was much discussion about Python and related topics. This was the largest group that has met up for the Thursday night meetings.

The good news: We may have found a space for the upcoming 2nd Saturday Teaching Meeting. Joseph Weaver mentioned that John Zurawski had found a possible meeting space in McKinney. John got in contact with me and will try to contact some of the more veteran members and leaders of the group. From what I've heard of the location, it will be good for the larger teaching meetings.

The challenge: With increasing attendees, Taco Cabana is difficult to have more than the most casual of meetings. I spoke with Jay, who said that this meeting has usually never been larger than 4 to 6 participants. If you wish to have a larger space that is more conducive to larger meetings, we're open for suggestions. Key things to consider are central location since we attract folks from 20 to 40 miles away.

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